Santa Monica Wedding with top notch food, killer music and amazing friends

Santa Monica Wedding DJ

Behind the DJ Booth was incredibly honored and blessed to be a part of the Santa Monica wedding of Chef Ben and Pia. The wedding day included some of the most amazing culinary creations we have seen yet! And the crowd partied late into the night. All in all, a perfect wedding day!

Michael had an awesome personal connection to this wedding day. When he and his wife got married, Wolfgang Puck Catered the reception. Michael was introduced to Chef Ben through a mutual friend who also works for Wolfgang Puck. For the next few years, Michael has had the honor of experiencing Chef Ben's culinary creations at many other food and wine events in the Hollywood and Los Angeles area. When Chef Ben got engaged, he asked Michael to DJ the wedding and we at Behind the DJ Booth were excited and ready to DJ for such an amazing chef! 

The music and the food for the day both reflected an east meets west vibe. The chefs at Wolfgang Puck Catering created dishes ranging from Asian to American delicacies. (Check out the photo below of the pizza with salmon sashimi & Caviar!!) This melding of the two styles was absolutely perfect for these two given that Pia is from Korea and Chef Ben a Korean-American.  

For most weddings, there is typically one chef working, but for this wedding there were many chefs (check out just how many in the photos below!) Well known chefs traveled from near and far to see their friends wed.  

Chef Ben really enjoys 90s Hip-Hop and Pia enjoys Pop music, including K-Pop.  There were many guests from Korea who enjoyed Jazz and Rat Pack classics, and there were also guests from the Los Angeles area who enjoy hip-hop, rock, and some pop music.  Due to the diverse nature of the crowd, we curated the music to appeal to both groups of guests all throughout the evening.

When the dancing started, started off with a medley of Motown, classic rock, and hip-hop.  As a few of the older guests started leaving earlier in the evening, the Wolfgang Puck staff and chefs working the event (and other chef's and staff leaving work) started arriving.  Some were even still dressed in their uniforms! They were ready to party as were the majority of the younger guests as well thanks to the variety of drinks served at the bar. ;-)  

When a shift in crowds like that happen, we typically start playing really upbeat dance music including Hip-hop, house, and trap genres of music.  That's when the younger crowd typically lets loose since the dance floor is open to them. The vibe of the dance floor changed and the result included a dance off and some wild dancing! Everyone partied all night and continued to celebrate. It was a fantastic evening of amazing food, awesome music and good friends. We were honored to be a part of it all! 

(please excuse the poor quality of the iPhone photos!)