What is Behind the DJ Booth

Behind The DJ Booth provides a special blend of professionalism and charisma. In every event, we bring life to the party with every track. Our myriad of music ranges ‘90s hip-hop to 80’s dance hits to familiar indie bands and everything in between. When it comes to pleasing the crowd, expect to hear music from genres including: Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, House, and Top 40. For every wedding, we cater our playlist to the needs of the bride and groom, ensuring that special night is a memorable one. In addition to DJ services, we supply all of your reception’s MC needs. Our master of ceremonies will make your grand entrance legendary. Ultimately, the goal of Behind The DJ Booth is to provide the perfect soundtrack to your wedding.

We know that our clients and their guests are fans of music and love to dance.  Behind the DJ Booth expertly plans and plays your favorite jams at precisely the right time.  Each song played is either on your favorite playlist or a classic favorite from yesteryear. 

We know that our clients want their event to run smoothly.  Behind the DJ Booth pre-plans with each client to identify the vision, event schedule and provides inspiration to ensure that event is specifically catered to your tastes.

We know that our clients would rather not participate in line dances, listen to chatty MCs, or play with tacky props. Behind the DJ Booth reads the crowd, rocks two turntables and expertly mixing, and knows which songs to play for the discerning clients.

We’re here for our clients; to provide support, insight and suggestions to ensure that they and their guests have an amazing special event.



Who is Michael Tinio

Michael Tinio of Behind the DJ Booth is an Orange County, California based DJ.  He's been mastering the craft of DJing for over 10 years and has continued to play for clients all over Southern California.

Michael is known for his eclectic music selection used to rock virtually any type of crowd.  When it comes to pleasing the crowd, expect to hear music from genres including:  Hip Hop, Indie Rock, House, Funk, Jazz, and Top 40.  He is able to mix each genre seamlessly, while providing the soundtrack to your event and keeping the dance floor poppin.  You may even hear some Salsa, Tango-House or Nu Jazz as Michael DJs behind the DJ booth.

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Email:  info {@} behindthedjbooth.com