Perfectly Curated Vinyl Playlists for Your Event

Behind the DJ Booth has always strived to be the best, offering vinyl records at your events for years. Now we’re stepping up the game by offering vinyl “sets” for your big day.

What is a vinyl set?

A “set” is a certain amount of time during your event that we would play vinyl. This can be as short as an hour or can be the entire event. This set would be crafted to fit your event’s needs from the start of the night to getting the crowd rocking.

Why vinyl?

Behind the DJ Booth DJs combine their real turntable skills with original vinyl records which create a unique music listening experience your guests won’t soon forget. We curate music to play at your wedding dynamically, we don’t just press play and walk away. We tailor the music to your unique tastes and combine it with our deep music knowledge and ability to rock the crowd. Adding a vinyl DJ set at your wedding gives you and your guests a deep connection to the music we play.

Not to mention can you imagine your guests faces when they see your DJ flipping through their crates, unsleeving the vinyl and setting it to play? Some of our most popular sets are 80s/90s, throwbacks, soul/funk, rock and pop, jazz, blues, indie, class, and hip-hop.

Available vinyl sets

We offer three different vinyl packages:


All vinyl played at the start of the reception. Perfectly timed to start your wedding reception with classic hip hop, soul, and rock music.

THE HYBRID (VINYL and Digital)

Our most popular option, playing vinyl throughout and using digital when needed.


4 hours of nothing but vinyl for the ultimate musical experience.


If you’re looking for a DJ to cater to the experience you’re wanting for your guests while delivering superior customer service and quality then contact Michael with Behind the DJ Booth for your next event or wedding at Serving Orange County, CA, all of Southern California, and open to travel.