Are Vinyl Records Gaining Popularity in a Digital Age?

There has been a big trend lately that has seen an increase in vinyl record sales. Despite having a myriad of more convenient ways to consume music the vinyl record has held on. In a digital age where we can listen to a song instantaneously, this fact isn’t a surprise to me. Behind the DJ Booth has been using vinyl records for years.

As their popularity gains traction we are proud to offer a rare and exceptional music listening experience at your event. We have known the value vinyl records hold and the quality they possess. When you choose vinyl records over digital the experience of choosing and listening to that music becomes more personal. There is something special about picking that record, setting it on the turntable, placing the needle in the right groove for the right track, and pressing play.

When curating a playlist for your event there is an overwhelming amount of options at your disposal. To try and go through the songs available digitally can be a daunting task. Vinyl records allow us to craft and curate the perfect playlist for your event with higher sound quality. This is what sets Behind the DJ Booth apart from other DJs. We take the time to select a playlist that will fit your event perfectly, while offering the best sound and a more personal experience with vinyl records. It’s not a trend for us, it’s simply the best way to offer our clients the best listening experience.

If you’re looking for a DJ to cater to the experience you’re wanting for your guests while delivering superior customer service and quality then contact Michael with Behind the DJ Booth for your next event or wedding at Serving Orange County, CA, all of Southern California, and open to travel.