7 Tips to Help You Make Your Wedding Day a Reflection of Who You Are


Your Style

Whether you choose to have a non-conventional, Boho, Indie-themed wedding, or something that more closely follows your family's traditions, the choice is yours. Your wedding day is your day—the day of your dreams—and it should reflect the uniqueness of you, your partner, and your relationship.

In other words, your wedding day is all about you and your style.  So how do you plan a wedding day that you and your partner will enjoy and love?

Make the day all your own.

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming with so many options, preparations, and a budget to stick to. Once you choose the style of your wedding, stay loyal to the theme and your vision. Find unique ways to infuse your personalities in the details. Keep in mind this day is about the two of you.

So many couples create an impossible scenario for themselves by trying to please everyone else, when the only people they should be focusing on is each other. Your selections should be based on what you love, not bending to someone else’s preferences. Have faith in your choices, stand by them. Listen to your heart. After all, it got you here, right?

Enjoy creating the experience. 

Don’t let stress ruin all of the fun and excitement of planning your wedding. Focus on the big decisions first, because it’s easy get to distracted by the little things.

wedding reception

Start with:

  • Your budget,
  • couple of dates,
  • theme,
  • venue,
  • photographer,
  • disc jockey,
  • and caterer.

Once you have those big items nailed down, the rest will fall into place. Your wedding doesn’t have to be big or extravagant or small and quiet. Your wedding doesn't have to be anything at all—it just has to be you. That’s the only requirement to making you and your partner completely happy.

You have unlimited free research resources to design your wedding vision within simple clicks or keystrokes. Use Pinterest boards to inspire you and create moodboards for your wedding. Get insight on venues or “how-to” wedding themes on a budget on SheFinds.com, find some of your favorite alternative or Indie rock songs for your reception iTunes or “must have” photos list for your photographer on The Knot.com. Follow the sparks of inspiration, and you'll discover the possibilities are endless.

The point is to enjoy yourself while you're planning and picking and choosing and booking. Use whatever planner tool you enjoy the most. 

Hire a wedding planner.

Since there are so many options, details to consider and coordinate, some couples choose to hire a wedding planner. You know your schedule best. You also know your budget best. Can you add a wedding planner to your budget? 

Wedding planners can take all the stress of the planning off your shoulders. Not only do wedding plannings already know which vendors are reputable and which are not, but they also have working relationships with the vendors that can help the process move along smoothly. They also have vast experience of working within a budget.

If you're having trouble determining an appropriate budget for each item on your wedding must-have list, a planner can be so helpful in this area. Once a planner knows your desires, they can show you the best way to break down your budget among the different vendor categories, helping you get the most value for your money.

Wedding planners are also incredible at tapping into resources for unique requests. Maybe you’ve envisioned a bagpiper playing the processional for your “Outlander” themed wedding, and kilts for all your groomsmen. Or a wedding that pays homage to your family's roots in a different way, such as a Chinese tea service that you serve every guest personally to welcome them to your wedding. Your wedding planner will know the best avenue to secure those requests and do all the legwork for you.

Let’s face it, weddings can be stressful, so having an expert to guide the planning process, making your wedding vision a reality, saving you time, money and a little sanity is so worth it.

The music.

It’s true, music is magical as it weaves itself into your memories throughout. Songs you danced to with family and friends when you were growing up can trigger memories today. Songs that motivated you and inspired you at different milestone in your life make you remember those crossroads-moments. Favorite songs you and your partner may have listened to when you were dating and falling in love can do the same. The right music is a meaningful part of your day. 

Think about the soundtrack to your wedding. What songs do you want to weave into the memories of your wedding? Is there a song that's particularly meaningful that you'd like to hear during your first dance? Keep all of your preferences such as alternative or Indie rock in mind when choosing a DJ. Also, choose a DJ that understands your style and can create a seamless soundtrack for your wedding. 

And don't worry—you don't need to plan out every song that will be played for your wedding. Choose a DJ who understands your style and who has a style you love, and then trust your DJ to provide an effortless stream of music that adds to each moment.

There’s an app for that.

wedding app

There’s wedding planning apps and website builders to take you fully mobile, saving you precious coordination time and reducing stress. Several excellent options exist for wedding website setup: you can either personalize your own or use one of an attractive pre-made template. Upload your engagement photos, love story, and wedding details. Your guests will truly appreciate all the great information in one place and will feel even more a part of your big day.

The apps also allow for wedding RSVPs, travel arrangements, accommodations, schedule of events and digital maps to help get your guests where they need to be and keep you connected all event long. Once you have the website live, you can include the link to your new website on Save the Date cards, send it out through social media or as a special insert to accompany the wedding invitations.

And social media makes it even easier to share your wedding day. Apps to enhance and capture the experience, like custom Snapchat geofilters or Flipagram, enabling you to turn guests’ personal photos on Instagram into a wedding video. 

WedPics allows you ditch the disposable cameras as guests can upload photos directly to your website. You can invite your guests via text, email or Facebook and display an almost immediate slideshow of photos being uploaded at your reception. Imagine being able see what is happening over at “Table 19” in near real-time. Live streaming apps like Periscope enable your family and friends who can’t be there to still be engaged in the festivities. More venues are beginning to offer live streaming in their wedding packages too.

Trending now.

Think beyond the typical salad, entrée, and wedding cake: envision a never-ending feast complete with dessert bars full of mini, frosted Bundt cakes, gelato, cupcakes, doughnuts or crepes. Food trucks handing out fresh mini-cheeseburgers and French fries or street tacos to your guests as they dance the night away. Guest parting gifts like mini mason jars of homemade jam, organic honey, or individual succulent plants in cute planters, all with a sweet note of appreciation from the bride and groom will leave your guests with a warm feeling at your thoughtfulness.

Or maybe you're feeling charitable. Some couples are commemorating their nuptials with giving rather than receiving, choosing charity registries where guests can make a donation in their honor.

Whatever your preference, know that anything goes. Whether you follow a trend or start a movement of your own, weddings aren't mired in tradition. You day can be anything you want it to be.

Sharing your day. 

Make your guests feel special and comfortable. How? Provide plenty of seating, shade or warmth if outdoors, excellent food and drinks and amazing music. Plan for charging stations for their technology at the reception. Choose the reception venue with the most bathrooms for the ladies. Make sure you have a clearly defined agenda for the events at the reception.

Nobody is happy when they are hungry, too hot or too cold, and their iPhone is dead. Take good care of them and they will have an enjoyable and memorable time. 

The big day.

On the day of your wedding, make sure to find moments together throughout the day where you can step aside to take it all in and enjoy it. Take a sensory snapshot of your guests enjoying themselves, the incredible venue, and amazing music played by your DJ. Focus on what is important and don’t get hung up on the small stuff. Celebrate the perfect imperfections, let go of the rest. Keep it all in perspective by focusing on what really matters—the love that the two of you share and the life that you are embarking on together.

The choice is all yours to make the day your own, surrounded by those dear to you, with your favorite cuisine, libations, and, of course, music. Your wedding reflects who you are, your interests, and energy. Savor and appreciate this glorious day and the start of beautiful new beginnings. Enjoy every moment.