Questions to Ask Your Prospective Wedding DJ

You've said "YES!" All of your family and friends are so excited to show up to the party of your life and celebrate this huge milestone with you. Complete with a killer reception. The question to answer now is how are you going to make it a killer reception? With an awesome DJ that's how. Choosing a DJ is so important because they are going to set the tone for your wedding or event so you're going to want to be sure you choose someone that will give you, and your guests, the vibe you're desiring. That is what we're going to focus on for this post, making sure that you find the right fit for your needs.

1. What is their DJ story? How did they start DJing? Every DJ has their own story. Your biggest key here is to make sure that they love music and love playing it for other people.

2. Why did they start DJing weddings? Most started because they loved music and transitioned to playing in clubs, at bars, and various events. The best wedding DJs started doing weddings because their friends wanted them to, once that happened the transition is natural. 

3. What is their DJ style? You'll not only want to make sure that you've hired a professional but also someone that understands your tastes in music. You're going to want to know they can, and will, execute your musical vision seamlessly. They're going to have a knowledgeable base of music and know what your guests are going to want to get up and dance to.

4. How do you motivate guests to dance? A good DJ knows how to "read" the floor. If a song isn't working then he (or she) will move to the next song quickly or liven the audience up by getting on the microphone. 

5. How do you handle song requests? It all depends on the song being requested. The DJ needs to be sure that the song is going to fit the mood of the room. Typically you'll see two types of requests. A) A song or genre is requested by someone who knows a group at the wedding and knows the song or genre would be enjoyed by all. As long as the song fits the current mood then the DJ will likely play it. B) The person requesting the song is inebriated and wants it played for his own enjoyment. This will likely not be played but politely declined. 

6. Can you act as a Master of Ceremonies? Most DJs have the ability to speak on the mic to make basic announcements. Just discuss with your DJ beforehand how much MCing he or she is going to be expected to do so everyone is on the same page the day of the wedding or event. 

7. Do you offer any other services? Some DJs offer lighting, slideshow and projector, photobooth, dance floor, etc. It's certainly convenient for your DJ to offer multiple services but keep in mind that those aspects of their business may take their focus off the important things, like keeping your guests dancing and having a good time. If your DJ doesn't offer additional services they can likely refer you to other wedding professionals.

8. Can we see you perform at another wedding? Weddings are private events so it's never a good idea to watch a DJ perform at another couple's wedding. However, DJs should have videos of their performances at weddings and events.

Planning your wedding is a big deal and making sure your guests have a great time is important. Don't wait to book your entertainment to the last minute. Do your research and find a DJ that has a great track record, understands and can execute your vision, and takes great care in catering to their clients needs.

Here's a video of Michael working at The Brick in San Diego.