DJ in Orange County, California

Behind the DJ Booth is based out of the Orange County and Southern California area. Bringing a unique spin to any wedding or event with a mix of professionalism and charisma sets Behind the DJ Booth apart. The DJs come to you for your wedding or event to entertain by creating a soundtrack in the moment to accompany the event. Why not plan ahead of time the exact playlist? While there is planning involved that includes choosing your music style and tastes, exactly what is played in the moment is chosen to draw out your guests, to ensure that each guest is engaged in your event. 

The DJs at Behind the DJ Booth aren't like club DJs, always increasing the tempo with each song to end the night in a feverish dance. Instead, they provide a smooth ebb and flow that builds into memorable moments you and your guests will take with you.  

No matter where you're event will be, Orange County resident and owner, Michael Tinio, is will travel outside of Orange County to your event anywhere in the world. Contact Michael for availability. 

Michael Tinio, Owner & DJ

michael tinio dj

Michael Tinio has over 10 years of experience as a DJ. He brings his two turntables, professional quality equipment, and wide selection of music to every event. Because he is conscious of how integral music is to the mood and feel of every event, and he also knows that every event is unique, he never arrives with a playlist that's set in stone. Michael has always been able to read people fairly well when it comes to music, and he uses that skill to read the individual guests in the crowd. He plays a song for everyone, evoking emotion from each guest so that their memory of the event will be colored with emotion. 

No matter what the event, Michael is focused on enhancing the evening by playing something for everyone. Songs bring back memories: He aims to help people remember the best memories and create new ones. 

From Jazz, top 40, House, and Hip Hop to Indie Rock, Michael focuses on creating a soundtrack for events that will keep guests engaged in the evening.

In 2013, Michael created Behind the DJ Booth after planning his own wedding. During the planning process, he realized that the options weren’t exactly what he was looking for. After hiring a friend and creating a playlist to guide his own wedding, Michael saw firsthand that his approach not only entertained guests, but it was the perfect soundtrack to fit the experience.

Behind the DJ Booth

Music ranges include ‘90s Hip Hop to '80s dance hits to familiar indie bands and everything in between. When it comes to pleasing the crowd, expect to hear music from a variety of genres. 

For every wedding, Behind the DJ Booth plays to the preferences of the bride and groom, ensuring that their style and taste are reflected in the music played. In addition to DJ services, Michael and his team act as emcee to your reception or event. The master of ceremonies will make your grand entrance legendary. Ultimately, the goal of Behind The DJ Booth is to provide the perfect soundtrack to your wedding.

We know that our clients want their event to run smoothly and be enjoyable. Our customers want their guests to have a good time, and we’re here to provide exactly the right soundtrack to make all of that possible.
— Michael Tinio, Owner & DJ

A Reason to Dance

Behind the DJ Booth expertly plans and plays your favorite jams at precisely the right time. Each song played is either on your favorite playlist or a classic favorite from yesteryear because we provide a timeless sound that will give all of your guests a reason to dance. 

The entire event runs smoothly because Behind the DJ Booth will plan with you before the event to understand your vision, your taste, the schedule, and the point of focus. The point of focus will never be on the DJ; Behind the DJ Booth stays off the mic and focuses on the crowd, using two turntables to expertly mix each song and transition creating a flow to your evening. 

If you have any questions about Behind the DJ Booth, check out the questions Behind the DJ Booth hears most often with the answers from Michael Tinio.