Behind the DJ Booth started focusing on weddings soon after Michael’s own wedding.  Michael and his fiancé wanted a DJ who shared their vision of creating a dance party atmosphere without fist pumping sounds or a line dance extravaganza led by a tacky MC.  Their solution was to hire one of their club DJ friends and provide him with a well curated music playlist for the cocktail hour and dinner.

Michael came to discover that newlyweds in Southern California have many DJs to choose from but only a few that can truly understand their vision. Soon thereafter, Behind the DJ Booth was conceived. 

Behind the DJ Booth knows very well that music can make or break the wedding party.  We select and mix songs that match your tastes that represent you.  We take a different approach, an approach that’s creative and fun while being tasteful and professional.

When you’re ready sit down and talk, contact us.

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